The Stages of the Half

Thoughts I Have While Running the Door County Half Marathon

by Aleah Kidd

9:40 Do I need to go to the bathroom? Maybe I should drink more water. No, that’s too much water. Maybe that third banana was overkill. 9:53 Okay. You got this. Be chill, start smooth, no sprinting. Man, I’m freezing! Maybe I’ll keep my outer layer for now. 9:56 *America, America!*

10:00 Here we go! Breathe, find your groove. Only 13 miles to go. 10:05 Holy $%*! It’s warm out. Goodbye forever zip-up. You’re dead to me. 10:07 Oops! Going way too fast… let’s pull it back mustang Sally. 10:11 Do I need a drink? Water or gatorade? I don’t know, I don’t know… FINE! Getting some. 10:32 Feeling good, finally found my target pace. Lock ‘er in! 10:42 Uh-oh. The Hill. Just keep moving legs!! Feet don’t fail me now! 10:44 My lungs. My lungs are broken. 10:50 Well hello my loyal admirers!! Thanks for the high-fives! Yes, I CAN do this!

10:54 Yes. Made it halfway. These views are gorgeous! This downhill feels so good. The sun is shining, spring is here! I feel awesome. 11:01 There’s that man in a kilt. Why though? 11:07 This road looks really long. I think it’s getting longer. I really want to walk now. Maybe just a little? It would be really nice to take a break. No, keep going. People are running. I am running. Just keep running. 11:21 Best downhill eveeerrrrrr! I’m flying!!!! 11:33 My legs are sandbags. I want my slippers. No. No nono nonoo not a side stitch. Noooooo. Take it easy, just keep breathing. 11:46 Okay. In the home stretch. Less than two miles to go. Easy, peasy.

11:48 What?? Why is there a hill here??  11:53 This is it. The finish line HAS to be around this bend. 11:54 Definitely this bend. 11:55 OMG, where is it. 11:57 Final. Sprint. ENGAGE!!!

12:00 Thank. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Medal me!

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“Like running in a cathedral in the woods.”

Tom Held -Silent Sports magazine

“Once again you put on an awesome race. I have ran all 8 years, I saved all my shirts and this is a must run race. Thanks for all the effort.”

Carol Mulinex

“The Door County Half Marathon is my favorite race of the year, every year. I love it.”

Jes Borland

“All aspects of this event are first class…. The best scenery, most challenging course to be found. Great job Door County Half crew A+. See you in 2016.” 

Scott Luchterhand

“I have run several races – and quite honestly this is the one of the best supported run ever. You do an EXCELLENT JOB on all levels. The support is amazing. The volunteers exceptional. I have ZERO complaints or suggestions.”

Sara Frizelle

“I have done a few half marathons around the midwest and this is by far the best. The organization and communication is fantastic and so are the facilities and race perks. The route is also ideal: starting flat, allowing for the body to acclimate ; followed by a steep incline and then down hill once the body gets a little fatigued. I love it!”

Margaret Pennoyer     

“I’ve raced all over the world and The Door County Half Marathon is one of my favorites.  It’s very well organized, it’s in the heart of beautiful and peaceful Door County, and the course rolls through some of the most picturesque half marathon miles in the world.”

Jenny Hadfield – Runner’s World

A must-do race! This popular destination race takes full advantage of the natural beauty of Door County, Wis.

Competitor Magazine


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